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Whitesnake Concert - Bloggit's Journal

About Whitesnake Concert

Previous Entry Whitesnake Concert Jun. 24th, 2005 @ 06:35 pm Next Entry
So the wife took me to a Whitesnake concert. If the Joan Jett concert raised questions about gender security, the initial Whitesnake crowd (before the real fans arrive) calls inquestion the geriatric impact of drugs. There's just something wrong about so much of your audience using walkers. Some of the conversations were astonishing for their vapidity: beyond their inabilty to master polysyllabic words well into their 50s, they were comparing two other recent concerts - Van Halen and, I swear I'm not making this up, Yanni! And this guy was spitting into a cup too. Crass.

But by the time Whitesnake took the stage, after the opening act was done, the audience was more like that of Joan Jett. Maybe 55% male, but not dominantly so, mostly middle-aged fun-loving rockers.

Unlike the Emerald Queen, no food or drink are allowed in the Paramount. Pity; having a beer with Joan Jett was nice. But we see high class stuff at the Paramount too - the musicals we go to are there - so I understand.

At 8pm the lights went out and Point One came on. Both the guitar and bass player had thin mowawks. Amazing. They're a punk thrash band, and might have qualified as good in 1977, but I'm not sure there's a market for this now that we've moved on to better drugs. It was certainly loud; I was grateful for having brought ear plugs. All the musicians had them too (in both bands.) To be fair, while Point One needs better production values, they clearly have some skill. Get them in the studio with Mutt Lange and it might be amazing.

The show was sold out, but when Point One took the stage, the theatre was maybe 40 percent occupied. They played (thrashed?) about half an hour, at the end of which it was still only 50% occupied. But half an hour later (an hour after the show started), when Whitesnake took the stage, it was packed. The people next to us arrived in the middle of intermission so I asked about the timing. They had waited upstairs, watching on the monitors. Good choice!

The show was impressive. David Coverdale may not be the best singer, but he's got a wide range and is a fantastic showman. He seemed to be having a great time, which is contagious. The lead guitarist (Doug Aldridge) was great and had a lengthy "let's give the band a break" solo I thought had gone out of style 15 years ago. And then Tommy Aldridge did a long drum solo... the last half of which was bare-handed and with his head! It sounded good, it looked painful. Really memorable.

On an interesting side-note (since I've written so much about desktop search), I have quite a few Whitesnake songs ripped from my own (legal) CDs on my system. I set the mood to "Here I Go Again". But oddly, MSN Desktop/Windows Search (come on, guys, shorten the name already!) cannot find the query [whitesnake here i go] even though it can find [whitesnake "here i go"]. Too strange to make up. Copernic finds it either way.
Current Music: Here I Go Again
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